Made a little xmas codepen.

V squishy. Love using my skills for nonsense. Always makes me smile.

Happy holidays everyone!

Sad to hear about #AnEventApart coming to an end. AEA had such an impact on my life. I'm honored to have been a part of it the last few years and I'm going to miss it.

Just a Xennial Kid Feeling Old 

Saw a late 90s Miata last night with an antique tag and realized that:
1. Cars produced after I started driving (1997) can be registered as antiques
2. That Miata is about the same age today as the 1971 Beetle was that I shared with my brother when we started driving

Mastodon meta 

My least favourite sharp edge of Mastodon is the fact that when you view someone else's post you only see replies to it that are known to your server - so there's actually a good chance there will be relies that are completely invivible to you, especially if you run your own instance

I'd love it if tapping a post kicked off a request back to the original server that fetched the current reply count, and provided a "view all replies" button if there were replies not yet visible to me

Oh hey, just saw that the beta is now available for Street Team members and I just happen to be wearing my shirt today. Excited to check in around Orlando and see what I find! You can join the waitlist over at

If your question includes what is clearly your opinion of the correct answer, you’re not asking a question.

Link to your CodePen from Mastodon — and from your Mastodon to CodePen — and verified you shall be.

It's hard to justify boosting (some) things to everyone who follows you without additional context. I get the intentional decision to not support quote boosting, but it's certainly something I miss from the ole' birdsite.

Is it acceptable to just include a link to a post you want to reference?

Remember - there’s no algorithm here. Favs are nice but boosts are useful. Boost more than you did on Twitter.

Wow, 7 votes so far and only 1 person would join a company-sponsored Mastodon server.

I understand the hesitation. I guess the reason I'm intrigued by the idea is that your chosen Mastodon domain is an extension of your personal brand in the same way that your email provider is.

Ideally, anyone with their own domain could use that as their identity, but running your own instance is quite a barrier. Allowing employees to optionally join a company server seemed like a good option. Maybe not.

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Genuinely curious. I would totally migrate over to a company server if my org started their own. We already have the domain.

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If your workplace ran their own Mastodon server, would you join?

A nice perk of running your own Mastodon server for your organization:

The local timeline becomes a very effective way to see all posts from the team.

For example, the local MacStories timeline, accessible by anyone via this link, is like a MacStories list featuring posts from all of our accounts.

Some friends invited us over for an ornament making party last night. Here are a few of our family’s creations. The hot-glued pom pom character is my favorite. Kids are so creative!

Some people "Things can't go viral on #mastodon

#JohnMastodon: "Hold my beer."

In case you didn’t know, they’re just called posts. The term “toot” has been retired for over a month now.

I’m sure this toot / post confusion will blow over about as quickly as the pronunciation of gif.

It’s exciting to see so much activity over here. Thinking long term, I’m curious how important it is to be on an instance running the latest stable version. You can actually edit posts and follow hashtags in v4+. This page from @feditips covers those features and a whole lot more.

Also, I used to find a whole bunch of Twitter follows here in the fediverse. 10/10 would recommend

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